Monday, February 7, 2011

Swap 1: Katie to Erin

Today in my pigeonhole at work I found a little package waiting for me from Katie!

What could be inside this petit paquet import?

A pretty seashell, tasty candy (yes I already ate it), a note and a panda!

Introducing Mr. Panda.

So how is Mr. Panda adjusting to life in France? Well as you can see above, he is already a very chic dresser.

"Regular water?" he says. "No, give me some of that sparkling French stuff."

Mr. Panda enjoys the glow of traditional Vendéen curtains.

"Why so many traffic circles?" Mr. Panda wonders. But he quickly learns to love traffic circles, like all good Europeans.

Mr. Panda holds critical doubts about Sarkozy's 2011 government reforms. "Damn that Sarkozy!" he says, like all good French people.

But Mr.Panda can't hide his American ways forever, and overindulges on regional wine.

Thank you to Katie for the lovely little package and the adorable panda, even though he drank all my wine. <3>