Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Erin to Vivian [City craft: February edition]

I was quite excited to have Erin as my crafting partner mostly because it's hard to coordinate a time and place to meet (as she's gallivanting in French forests while I cry publicly on NY subways). However, the one advantage I have over you West Coast suckers is time: I have 3 hours more to Gchat with this lovely lass. Beat that!

When I got this handmade illustrated calender in the mail, I was so delighted! Upon further inspection, I realized every photo was of a cat traipsing through New York City! Since this is seriously too cute for words, I will shut up now and let the pictures do the talking. Thanks again, love! xoxo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vivian to Erin

When I received the package, I knew from the cute, delicate little writing that I'd received a craft from Mademoiselle Vivian of NYC. EXCITE! Inside were three art pieces she'd made for me, playing off the geographic theme with a Frenchie twist.


Gentlemanly Banana Man approves.

Inspired by my favorite Parisian hangout, Shakespeare and Company: Shakespeare and Catpany, a store I would truly like to visit.

Maybe it could be like those Japanese cat cafes? Only I get to browse old books AND pet kitties.

And lastly: a lil French love story. All you need is a striped shirt,
a baguette, a little "oui" and a little "non," et voila... l'amour!

Merci beaucoup my dear!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Andrea to Erin

I really had a rough time of it last fall, but in the midst of my FML period a package arrived from California. Andrea's gift made me so happy and the timing was perfect.

Look how pretty she packaged it!

Andrea made me a lovely tribute to San Francisco-- a box in the form of a book (which won it a revered spot upon my bookshelf), decorated with art and writing and odes to the city by the bay.

Inside was... CANDY!!!!!! (And a ghost!!)

I gobbled this stuff down in less than a week. After a 12 hour day of teaching and 30 min walk home dragging my suitcase full of work stuff, I cannot tell you how divine it felt to dump an entire pixie stick down my throat.

And the best part, inside, from one literary lady to another...

Merci beaucoup ma cherie, et gros bisous!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From Erin to Andrea!!

 Erin sent me something amazing for Halloween!
 Because she knows I like deer + paper goods.
 She had painted each of these lovely Halloween & Parisian themed cards!!

 I love the Deux Magots witch card!!
Thank you Erin, it's all very thoughtful and incredible. Love from California, Andrea.