Thursday, August 4, 2011

Briana to Erin

For our "Favorite Characters" swap, I listed Link as one of my favorites, and Briana totally blew me away with her craft. LOOK AT THIS GUY!!

Isn't he amazing? I am in love. Major props to Briana for her craftswomanship.

Of course, Link couldn't just sit around in my bedroom forever. He's an adventurous fellow and needed some action.

First he stumbled upon a lovely lake.

Little did he know, a giant snaggle-toothed frog was also seeking out a good dinner in this lake.. yikes!

After a narrow escape, Link seeks some advice from the Great Rabbit Spirit of the Forest.

Link begins to grow irritated with his fairy sidekick.

"Hey, listen! Hey, listen! Hey, listen!"

Link stumbles upon an abandoned cottage. Who lived here? What happened to them?

Apparently they were eaten by a dragon!!

You may want to shield your eyes, my friends.. as our friend Link did not win his battle against the dragon.

Navi slightly regrets distracting Link the entire time by insisting he should check out this cool tree nearby.

"Hey li- oops."

Just kidding! Of course he beat the dragon, he's Link isn't he?

Much thanks to Briana for making me such an awesome Link doll, and my mom for having a garden full of stuff.

<3 Erin

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swap 3 (favorite characters theme) Katie to Briana

I just received a wonderful package! Inside the package I found this beautiful painted box.
And inside the box I found....

Ponyo and Sosuke! Katie made some mini cork painted versions of Ponyo and Sosuke. They are adooorable. In the picture it looks like Ponyo has her arm around Sosuke. Ponyo loves Sosuke!

And that's not all....
There was also a bag filled with...

 old stamps! I have never been a stamp collector, but now I am thinking about it. These are the best. I think these might be my favorites:
And there's more! I also got some zinnia and sunflower seeds which I am excited to plant, and some yummy jellybeans. Here is a picture of the haul:
Thank you so much Katie! This was so fun to open, and there are so many fun things in here. I love everything, especially my mini Ponyo and Sosuke! <333333