Thursday, March 24, 2011

Present from Deanna!

So, this is actually from the LAST craft swap. hehe

Deanna made me an awesome bath rug from an old towel and some globe fabric. I love it so much, and it keeps my feet warm every day when i brush my teeth!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Craft Swap # 2: Places

journal entry from Magellan's voyage (via vintageprintable)
This month's craft challenge & inspiration: places!!
The deadline is Mar. 15th 23rd! and we can't wait to see what people made.

Partners & Places:
Katie's places: space, the pacific ocean, blanket forts, mountains, japan
Shotgun's places: san francisco, ancient egypt, rome (ancient is better)
Erin's places: the ocean, old bookstores, abandoned industrial places
Caron's places: ghana, the forest, scrap yards
Vivian's places: hong kong, deep, deep ocean, space
Sarah's places: outer space, ireland, the ocean
Briana's places: bookstores, gardens, new york, tree/turfhouses, japan, taipei
Emily's places: scandinavia, chicago, space, my (okay, her) bed.