Saturday, January 14, 2012

Andrea to Erin

I really had a rough time of it last fall, but in the midst of my FML period a package arrived from California. Andrea's gift made me so happy and the timing was perfect.

Look how pretty she packaged it!

Andrea made me a lovely tribute to San Francisco-- a box in the form of a book (which won it a revered spot upon my bookshelf), decorated with art and writing and odes to the city by the bay.

Inside was... CANDY!!!!!! (And a ghost!!)

I gobbled this stuff down in less than a week. After a 12 hour day of teaching and 30 min walk home dragging my suitcase full of work stuff, I cannot tell you how divine it felt to dump an entire pixie stick down my throat.

And the best part, inside, from one literary lady to another...

Merci beaucoup ma cherie, et gros bisous!


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